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The Huichol Story About the Creation of the World

Mexico possesses a rich variety of ancient cultures that inhabited its landscape for thousands of years. Some of these civilizations are better known than others. You have probably heard about the Aztecs, fearless warriors, fond of bloody sacrifices. Or the Mayas, the creators of complex structures such as pyramids and a calendar that got us a bit worried in 2012. 

There were other cultural groups spread throughout Mexico, and some of them are still around, keeping their cultural heritage very alive today. One of these groups is the Huichol.

The Huichols   

Also called Wixaika (“the people”) is a colorful community of indigenous citizens of Mexico. They settled along the Sierra Madre Occidental in the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Zacatecas, and Durango. Research has shown that the Huichols have been around for at least 15,000 years. 

Huichols are famously known because of their colorful artwork, where they show their deep devotion and close relationship with the world. Land and territory have spiritual meaning for the Huichols, and this also determines their actions and reactions.

Huichol art is full of symbolism, including elements such as fire, earth, water, air, deer, peyote, serpents, scorpions, and gods’ eyes pointing to the four cardinal points. All of this shows their intricate connection with nature, which stands the test of time.

The Huichols have kept their culture alive by passing their stories from the older to the newer generations. These colorful stories are about their love, respect, and care for the world they live in. 

In this article, we are going to share one of the Huichol folkloric tales, a story about the journey of creation, of those who embark on the journey towards life. 

Huichol Cosmovision: The Place Where It Begins

The first human, Watacame, was walking through a dark field, harvesting plants with his female dog, Tziku Mayuri. Suddenly, the clouds open up, giving way to a female figure. This figure came down next to Watacame and presented herself as Takutzi Nakawe, his Grandmother, the Rain. 

Although the woman looked very familiar to him, Watacame was surprised by her visit. In this dark place, he had never seen anyone else. Only he and his faithful dog were there all the time.

Takutzi Nakawe told Watacame that of all of her children, he was the one who closely observed nature. Therefore, he was the one able to learn from it and protect it.

Grandmother Rain told him to build a steady raft, which can withstand five days of storms for him and his faithful dog companion. “I will find you after the five days” she added.

For five days, the rain did not stop, and the earth filled up with water until Takutzi Nakawe came down from the clouds and the rain stopped. She told Watacame that water was needed to create a new world, that the water was part of him and he part of it. 

Grandmother Rain said to Watacame that now it was time to create a new world. Opening her cape, she let out all the Gods and told them to go and populate the earth. Each of them would find a place where they belong and that place will be sacred. They were all elements of nature from a small scorpion to a deer, they were all Gods.

Watacame walked alongside the Gods for a long time. Time as we know it did not exist yet, so he did not know for how long they walked. Some of the Gods found the places they belong and stood there. 

While walking, Watacame and the remaining Gods heard the sound of drums. This music guided them towards the sun. When they finally found the sun, the Earth became alive. The light made everything come to life. Every plant, tree, and animal in the land and the sea came to be. It was the beginning of the new world.

Keeping stories alive 

Here at Conrad Punta Mita, we try to keep the colorful heritage of the Huichol people from the area alive, to honor the bond of the Huichol with nature, and to spread awareness about the importance of our natural surroundings.

Whales in Banderas Bay

Traveling is about experiences, discoveries, and connections. Traveling can enhance our views while enriching our lives. Now, more than ever, we are searching for closeness to our natural surroundings, and to immerse ourselves in new cultures. Furthermore, an exclusive and sophisticated environment is an ideal complement to this experience.

The Bay of Banderas is a large bay along the coast of the Riviera Nayarit. You will find this place of limitless luxury and lasting inspiration to be the best location for your upcoming memorable travel adventure.

The coast with the most.

Bahía de Banderas in Spanish translates to Bay of Banderas or Bay of Flags in English. According to the legend, this bay got its name from some of the first Spanish Conquistadors, who traveled to this area. The story said that Spaniards found the natives carrying colorful plumage flags. The natives, aiming to defend their land from intruders, fought the Spanish men. Sadly, they lost and came under the control of the King of Spain in 1525. Because of this display of colorful flags, the Spanish named this bay Bahia de Banderas or Bay of Flags. 

The Banderas Bay has 62 miles of Pacific coastline, stretching from Punta de Mita in the north to Cabo Corrientes in the south. The deepest point of the bay is on the southern end, where the water measures 3,000 feet deep. UNESCO officially declared Banderas Bay to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world. 

Unspoiled. Undiscovered. Unmistakably Mexico.

The tropical landscape of Banderas Bay enclosed by splendid mountains has a wide variety of impressive adventures that you can enjoy. You will find many small charming coastal fishing towns to visit with your loved ones, as well as a variety of fun family-friendly watersports like snorkeling, diving, and surfing. You can also board a luxury yacht to explore the many wonders of the bay by sea. 

Additionally, Banderas Bay is the proud home of very rich biodiversity. In its deep blue waters, you can find diverse marine fauna like humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, eagle manta rays, black-tipped sharks, giant corals, and rock formations filled with life. Another unique experience in Banderas Bay is whale watching.

The authentic Mexico you’ve never seen.

Whale watching in the breathtaking Banderas Bay should rank at the very top of your bucket list, it’s absolutely a once in a lifetime experience. Whales are such glorious creatures that display grace, agility, and strength. It is impossible not to feel moved by the majestic cleverness of nature.

Every winter, the magnificent Humpback whales arrive in Banderas Bay with the purpose of mating and giving birth. It is a moving and emotionally charged encounter when up close. Observing the enormous whales jumping happily in and out of the water is priceless.

The humpback whales are in the Banderas Bay from December to March. However, on some lucky occasions, you may be able to spot them as early as November or even as late as May. Their stay varies depending on factors such as the length of their journey from the Arctic, the temperature of the water, and their matting patterns.   

Humpback Whales 

These beautiful creatures can be found in every ocean in the world, and they can grow up to 16 feet long. Humpback whales possess light color bellies, dark backs, pleats on their throats, and a small hump on their dorsal fin, hence the name “humpback”.

  These intelligent creatures can communicate with each other, using a complexity of cries, howls, moans, and other noises. Their magical songs can go for an incredible amount of time and can be heard throughout long distances. Scientists have not yet figured out what kind of messages they transmit to one another.

Humpback whales reside along the northern coastlines, where they feed on plankton, small fish, and tiny shrimp-like krill. During the winter months, they venture on their annual journey, from the poles towards the Equator, seeking warmer waters. Mothers travel close to their offspring, often displaying what the researchers believe to be “signs of affection”.  They have been observed to lovingly touch each other with their flippers while swimming. 

Limitless luxury. Lasting inspiration.

While you are immersed in the unique and touching experience of observing the natural wonder of the Humpback whales in Banderas Bay, let Conrad Punta de Mita take care of your every need. With our traditional touches and modern comforts, your stay in the Banderas Bay area will be unforgettable. Inside our sophisticated, exclusive, and serene atmosphere, you will find the ideal space to connect with your partner, your family, or your friends.

On the beach. Away from it all. You will discover inspiration, surrounded by the wonders of nature. At Conrad Punta de Mita, you can indulge all your senses with well-appointed amenities and tailored services. Embark on a mindful journey into Mexican luxury.