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Sabino Guisu x Conrad Punta de Mita


Sabino Guisu x Conrad Punta de Mita

Embarking on our second artistic journey, Conrad Punta de Mita proudly joins forces with the globally celebrated Oaxacan artist, Sabino Guisu. His collection intricately weaves together motifs from ancient pre-Hispanic and peripheral cultures, seamlessly entwining them with the vibrant threads of contemporary influence. Immerse yourself in this captivating exhibition, a visual narrative that unfolds until March 2024, showcasing the timeless resonance of Guisu’s creative dialogue between the past and the present.

Meet Cuco— the Fisherman of Punta de Mita Resort | Dining


Meet Cuco— the Fisherman of Punta de Mita

A local fisherman who was born and raised right here in Nayarit, he spends most of his days—and also, some nights—plying the waters of Banderas Bay in the hopes of reeling in fish.  

Edith the Tortilla Lady Resort | Dining


Edith the Tortilla Lady

Start your day at Arbol restaurant, and you’ll find Edith most days of the week as she masterfully crafts exquisite tortillas at the tortilla bar, set outdoors.


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