Embark on an equestrian adventure led by our skilled cowboys, guiding the tamest and well-fed horses through the picturesque village of Higuera Blanco. As you journey with us, experience the harmonious blend of nature’s wonders, from the lush jungle to the sun-kissed beach. Our guided tour promises not only a visually stunning exploration but also numerous opportunities for capturing memorable moments through your lens, creating a photo album filled with the beauty of the surroundings and the connection with these gentle equine companions.

The tour is meticulously crafted to offer a diverse and immersive experience, ensuring that every rider, from beginners to seasoned equestrians, can enjoy the scenic trail. The combination of well-nurtured horses, the rustic charm of Higuera Blanco, and the breathtaking landscapes makes this equine escapade an unforgettable journey, providing both novice and seasoned riders with a unique perspective of the village, jungle, and beach. Join us for a captivating ride that weaves together the tranquility of nature, the rich cultural tapestry of Higuera Blanco, and the joy of horseback exploration.

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Begin your journey into relaxation and embrace the natural splendors of an unspoiled sanctuary. Just steps from one of the finest beaches in Riviera Nayarit, Conrad Punta de Mita is surrounded by serene landscapes with endless options to unwind and play.

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