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The story we tell is of humans and animals,

of gods and plants.

of corn and water.

Air, earth and sun.


You have awakened between sun and sun; dreams are part of this landscape made by hand.




Conrad Punta de Mita seeks to create experiences that serve as a cultural window, in collaboration with local contemporary artists. Máscaras de Alambre is the Mexican sculptural project of David Herrera and Pablo Cobo: the self-taught duo in residence at Conrad Punta de Mita, presenting a large-scale exhibition called Origen.


According to our artists, the Nayarit sea is the witness of the dream trajectories that weave a reflection of the Cora and Wixárika cosmovision. Origen is an invitation to feel the first ray of dawn and to surrender to the spectacle of sunset: a labyrinth of chimeras, animals, magic and spiritual beings recognizing their humanity. The origin is the sprouting of a universal seed that germinates in a place where the sky and the sea are indistinguishable.


Pieces available for purchase from 970 to 12,500 USD.


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